CIPRES Share Home

CIPRES Share: A data sharing repository for all CIPRES users, powered by SeedMeLab.

Users may transfer files from CIPRES, share them privately or publicly, describe any file/folder and also see visualization previews. CIPRES user accounts work seamlessly here.

A. Transfer your data from CIPRES Gateway

Currently, data can be transferred one-way from CIPRES Gateway to CIPRES Share, but not the other way.

  1. Logon to the CIPRES Gateway.
  2. Browse to the Data folder > then select one or more files.
  3. Browse to the Tasks folder > then click on View Output button for any job, then select one or more files. 
  4. Click the Transfer Selected to CIPRES Share button. Hierarchy and names are maintained for the transferred data.
  5. An email is sent when the transfer is completed.

B. Share data on CIPRES Share

Data transferred or uploaded to CIPRES Share may be shared with any CIPRES Gateway users or made public.

  1. Logon to CIPRES Share (if needed) with your CIPRES Gateway username/password. If you are currently logged on to CIPRES Gateway, then your authentication will carry over.
  2. Visit the Data page.
  3. Locate your data transferred from CIPRES Gateway. You should have received an email indicating your data has been transferred.
  4. Share data from top-level from Personal files i.e. Data page with any CIPRES Gateway user or make it public. See how
    Note: File sharing is supported from top-level only from the Personal files i.e. Data page.

C. Manage data on CIPRES Share

You may upload arbitrary data to CIPRES Share and share it with others. However, this data is not transferred or available from the CIPRES Gateway.

  1. Logon with your CIPRES Gateway username and password.
  2. Visit the Data page.
  3. From File menu File menu icon select
    1. Upload, Download and other commands to manage your data.
    2. Edit Description command to add notes/metadata to any file or folder.
    3. Share commands grant access to your data to others or make it public.
      Note: File sharing is supported from top-level only from the Personal files page i.e. Data page.
  4. From ancestor menu File menu icon navigate folder and list hierarchy. 

D. Documentation

Review help pages to learn more about CIPRES Share features such as adding descriptions to file and folders, sharing, command line access , etc.